Why we need the Gbiota club

What is Gbiota food

Our bodies naturally self regulate (Homeostasis) we don’t need to think about breathing or our heart rate. A healthy gut biology leads to natural self regulation so we don’t need to worry about fancy diets, our bodies tell us when and how much to eat. But we do need to eat food that feeds our gut biology that is what Gbiota food does.

People who grow their own food can grow the right sorts of food and pick and eat it straight from their gardens. My webs have a lot of information on growing gut food – Gbiota all for free.

If you can’t grow you own food then join the Gbiota club and join a community which can help you access Gbiota food.

Our food has changed

The facts are simple. Fifty years ago the major health issue was infectious diseases now it is chronic diseases, specifically the fat in the wrong places diseases of diabetes, obesity and dementia.

True, infectious disease like the Corona virus are incredibly harmful but the number of people suffering from chronic disease is many thousands of times the number of Corona virus victims.

So what is the root cause of these chronic diseases? It goes straight to our gut and head brains which act as an intelligent control system to regulate how much and what we eat and where and how much fat we store in our bodies.

Gbiota gut food

Our gut brain is made up of trillions of cells which communicate with each other to form an intelligent system – our gut brain.

If we don’t have a healthy gut our control system does not work properly so we end up with these chronic diseases.

These cells originate in the soil, health starts in the soil. They travels into our bodies by a variety of paths, from the plants we eat, the animals that eat the plants and from direct contact from other creatures particularly our mums.

The good news is that we know exactly how to manage our soil to cultivate the biology.

There is a second issue with soil, as we grow our crops we are taking essential minerals from the soil.

Farmers apply fertilisers to replace the nutrients which are essential for the plants. but there is no economic reward for adding the nutrients which are essential for us humans We are far more complex than plants and need a much wider range of trace minerals than plants so our bodies lack these trace minerals. Our brains sense this and send out hunger signals so we simply eat more than we need.

There is a third issue. Farmers apply toxic chemicals to fight against weeds and pests. Generally (but not always) these are screened so they do not damage our bodies but they can damage our gut biology, after all that is what they were developed to do – kill bugs.

Once our gut biology is damaged it fails to regulate our bodies so again we can end up eating more than we need.

Why we need an alternative food system?

If we know how to solve these problems why don’t we just go ahead and do it? The simple answers are money and the established system. It is just an unavoidable fact that to produce food with all the biology and a full range of nutrients from a healthy soil cost more money and would hurt the profits of large and powerful organisations.

On paper the solution is simple.

There are regenerative farmers who go to great lengths to ensure a healthy soil, farmers typically only receive some 20% of the retail price of the produce.

All we have to do is for people to buy directly from these regenerative farmers when they will receive the majority of retail price so the end user may actually end up paying less for more healthy food and the farmer will receive a far reward for his efforts. Sounds great.

Those system for buying directly from these regenerative farmers is already available at the www.pickandeat.shop web site.

But this is just the paper solution, there are practical problems to solve.

How do I now the food is genuine?

The buyer needs to be sure that the grower is actually growing the food in healthy soil and not using toxic chemicals.

Gbiota food growers are expcted to create a web page disclosing how they grow and allow reasonable customer review.

We need a range of plants

The buyer will want to buy a range of plants to have a variety in their diet while farmers tend to specialise in a limited range of crops so buyers neeed to buy from multiple growers to get the variety.

Timing is crucial

As soon as a plant is harvested the beneficial biology will start to die off and be replaced by the harmful biology e.g. it will go rotten. To benefit from the beneficial biology we should be eating the plants a very short time after harvesting.

Again this can be solved by buyers ordering their food while still growing in the ground then harvesting and delivering withou delay.

Replacing sugar with beneficial herbs to increase flavour

Much of our food contains large amounts of sugar to make them taste good. Unfortunately a high sugar diet encourages harmful biology to grow in our guts which give us hunger craving for more sweet food.

We can make the food tasty by using herbs but this takes some culinary knowledge and skills.

People naturally cooperate

These logistical problems are not going to be resolved by market forces so we need a social organisation, people are very good at cooperating together to solve problems and make a better society.

That is what the Gbiota Club is all about.

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