Answers to questions people might have about Gbiota.

What is Gbiota food?

Our bodies naturally self regulate (Homeostasis) we don’t need to think about breathing or our heart rate. A healthy gut biology leads to natural self regulation so we don’t need to worry about fancy diets, our bodies tell us when and how much to eat. But we do need to eat food that feeds our gut biology, that is what Gbiota food does.

Why do we need an alternative food system?

If we know how to solve these problems why don’t we just go ahead and do it? The simple answers are money and the established system. It is just an unavoidable fact that to produce food with all the biology and a full range of nutrients from a healthy soil costs more money and would hurt the profits of large and powerful organisations.

How do I know the food is genuine?

The buyer needs to be sure that the grower is actually growing the food in healthy soil and not using toxic chemicals.

Gbiota food growers are expected to create a webpage disclosing how they grow and allow reasonable customer review.

Will it work?

There are already many potential buyers who are already fully aware of the importance of food on gut health and there are many growers who want to practise regenerative agriculture.

The market is already there, they just need convincing of the benefits of the buy online and boxing system.


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