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I am a real person

I am a real live person, not some computer or avatar. I do the things that normal people do, potter around in my garden, go for bush walks and the beach, tease my grand kids and all that normal stuff. But I am a bit obsessive so when my wife, a medical doctor was diagnosed with diabetes I wanted to find out what was the real cause.

And what I found out totally changed my life. Diabetes, obesity, dementia what I call the fat in the wrong places are everywhere. Fifty years ago they were rare now they are a global epidemic.

Our guts do a great job

It all boils down to our guts. They do much more than help us digest our food, all those trillions of cells communicate with each other to create a real brain which regulates our bodies deciding how much and what we want to eat and how much and where we store fat.

They also form part of our immune system. There are good bugs and bad bugs and they are simply everywhere. Every time we breath or eat we take in these good and bad bugs and our bodies just deal with it. Kids with a healthy immune system can get the dreaded Corona virus and not even know they have it, most people get seriously ill but recover while those with a weak immune system are the ones that die.

Having a healthy gut is pretty darn important so it would make sense to look after it and feed it the right gut food. Yet our modern food system is really terrible for our gut health.

I was not a happy man and wanted to change the system.

Attempt 1 Information

In theory that is easy to solve, so I wrote article after article about how food was affecting our health. But is was not enough.

Simply telling people about the importance of gut health is not enough. My sister web site is full of information on how food affects our health but information is wide spread you only have to read books like Brain Food by Lisa Mosconi and Feeding you lies by Vena Hari to appreciate how wide spread the information actually is.

But despite all this information people still keep on eating food which makes them sick.

Simply providing yet more information does not change the system.

Attempts 2 Improve production

Then I developed the Gbiota bed – a highly efficient way of growing food that would restore our gut health and recycle waste organic material.

Great piece of technology but why should any grower invest in this improved method of growing is no one is going to buy from them.

Improving the quality and efficiency of food production does not change the system either.

Increased efficiency was not enough.

Attempt 3 Simple on line buying

In the modern age all I thought I had to do was set up a web site where people can buy their food directly from regenerative farmers. They know exactly how to grow food that will make our gut healthy and there are plenty of growers, regenerative farmers, who want to grow food which will regenerate their soil and provide us with healthy food.

I developed the web site where people can buy directly from regenerative farmers.

But that was not enough. People wanted to know how they could be sure the food they were ordering on line was really genuine and honest food? How do they get it from the grower to their home? How do they cook or process the vegetables so they taste good?

It is easy to criticise the current system but that changes nothing. What is needed is an alternative food system for those people who are really serious about eating the right food to improve their health.

Gbiota system (the engine behind the Gbiota club)

But I am a successful innovator and one of the rules on innovation is just to keep on trying and trying until you find the magic formula that really works.

So back to the drawing board or in this age the computer for a total rethink on how to create an alternative system.

But what did I have to achieve?


Right now people can just go to their local supermarket and buy food from all over the world, but people have no idea how the food is grown what are the nutrient levels and when it was picked.

The mega corporation who control our food system make a lot of money by selling food high in fats and sugars, contaminated with toxic chemicals and lacking in essential nutrients promoted by manipulative advertising which aims to convince us it is healthy.

In my vision of an alternative food system people want to know how their food is grown, what are the nutrient levels and what toxic chemical have been used in its production. I needed a system where people know for sure what they are buying.

It is not a question of having rules enforces by the food police – it is a question of telling people the truth and letting them decide.

Good bugs and bad bugs

Micro biology is simply everywhere – whether we like it or not. You can disinfect a surface until it is totally free of all bugs but within an hour they will be back.

If the conditions are right the good bugs will out compete the bad bugs and everything is fine, if the conditions are wrong the bad bugs win and we have problems.

People bodies don’t go rotten until we die – we have an immune system to keep the bad bugs at bay. It is similar with plants, when the plant is growing the plant feeds the good bugs and it is healthy. As soon as the plant is harvested the bad bugs start to take over and it goes rotten.

The sooner we eat the plant after harvesting the more healthy organisms we will have in our guts so I needed a system where food is harvested and delivered to our homes that day.


The modern supermarket is very convenient and it seems that people are far more concerned about convenience than their gut health and whether the end up us blind cripples.

It is clear that people value their convenience so I needed a system which was really easy to use (when they had learned how to use it) so people could sit at home on there computer or smart phone and organise the food to be delivered to their door, for them to cook or already cooked, maybe at a restaurant of home delivered.


And finally it had to be economic. It is fine if you are a member of the landed gentry with gardeners and cooks at your beck and call but to me healthy food is what people refer to as a human right, everyone – rich and poor – should have access to healthy food.

It is easy enough to order on line, but it is just not economic to drive a hundred kilometres to buy a bunch of carrots.


Eating food which is healthy for our guts means we have to include significant fruit and vegetables into our diet avoid too much sugar which feed the bad bugs.

Unfortunately many people find vegetables boring and tasteless and have become addicted to fatty sugar food. We can make food taste good by using herbs but this requires some culinary knowledge.

So I needed to have a system where people could either go to a restaurant and have food prepared by a chef skilled in making plant food taste really good or could access the skill of a skilled chef by take away or home catering service.

The solution lies in the nature of humans

Why are humans the dominant creature on earth?

There are 7.8 billion people on earth – how come we are the dominant creature on earth?

Many reason – we are intelligent and have mastered the art of tools, we can write and pass information from one generation to the next but one reason which many people fail to appreciate we are naturally cooperative and will happily work together to achieve a common aim.

This is the basis of the Gbiota club – we can be readily resolve by people working together cooperatively – a key feature of the human species success.

I could call this the Gbiota system which is the basis on which the Gbiota club works.

Here’s how the Gbiota club works (the Gbiota system)

That is why I formed the Gbiota club – a group focused on ensuring a healthy Gut Biota.

So why don’t you join the Gbiota club?

This is how it works.

Who can join?

Basically anyone with a genuine interest in honest and healthy food can join the Gbiota club. I don’t want hyper sales people using manipulative selling to be in the club so we do have an approval process.

Again members benefit by sharing and cooperating together – this is the spirit of the club.

The club is not a police organisation but if any member were to use there membership to the detriment of other members they would be denied access.

Otherwise all welcome.

Members home page

Every member of the club can have their own home page. This is like having their own web site but is sits inside the mother web (

At this moment it is a bit nerdish creating your web page so at this moment we can do it for you once you have given us the information. Once the web page is created it is pretty easy to upload your posts by uploading files, picture and videos just like on any social media platform.

Each member chooses what classifications or categories they want to be listed under.

A key feature is for members to be able to locate and communicate with other members.

If you don’t want to use your normal email we can create a email address for you.

The Google search map

This is done by the google map search.

Members simply login in (only members can use this site) go to the google map page on the store page and locate where they want the map to centre by either clicking on the locate button or entering the address. They also need to indicate the area or radius of where you want to search.

They then make a selection of what you want to search for. They can click on all which will show an icon for every nearby member. They can click on any icon where they will be taken to the home page of that member.

Or they click on the category they want to search for, say cafe or grower and they will only see the icon for that category. Again they just click on that icon and go to that home page.

If they want to be even more specific they can enter say grower, tomatoes and they will only see the icons for growers selling tomatoes and they can click on that icon and go to that growers home page.

When you are on their home page you can send them a message, normally by email by there is a chat facility or they can share telephone numbers.

You can use you own normal email of you can request a dedicated email if you don’t wont other people knowing your normal email.

If the club member has some product or service you want to buy you can simply buy and pay on line.


Lets look a the various categories.


A biofoodie is someone who wants to buy Gbiota food. What they put on their home page is entirely up to them. They can just leave it blank in which case they are just telling other members they are a club member but it helps the club work better if they tell other club member what they are looking for.

For example they can just say I want to buy South American pecan nuts and hopefully some local grower of South American Pecan nuts will find them and say I have some for sale.

If they are have some specific health issue, diabetes or obesity they may like to make contact with other members with the same issue or get some support from a member with specialist expertise.

They have the option of entering this information on their home page where it is available to all club members.


The growers home page is in two parts. In the first general section the grower describes what method they use to grow their food. They can describe the nutrients and any chemical they may use and if they have test results of the nutrient levels and biology in their soil or in the plants themselves.

In the second part they describe what plants they have growing ready for sale.

This is key. Typically in the conventional system a grower harvest the plants which may be transported to a wholesale market or super markets warehouse, then send to a super market or retail store where a customer can inspect the plant and decide whether they want to buy.

This is an incredibly expensive and wasteful process. There is significant expense, delay and food miles in transporting what ends up as an ageing plant for the customer to buy.

In the Gbiota system the customer buys the plant while still growing, then it is harvested and delivered, without delay to the customer home, restaurant or food hub.

This is the job of the boxer.

The role of the boxer

The boxer is a critical part of the Gbiota system and may provide a new business opportunity for enterprising people.

Every buyer has a box, (actually two) which will be used to collect the buyers purchases.

This is the way it works.

The customer goes through the web looking at all the growers offering and the boxers page. The boxer will publish a schedule when they will be making a run in a certain area so the buyer knows when the next run will be and how much it cost to be in that run. This is usually a flat fee.

The customer then goes to all the web pages for the growers on that run and orders whatever they want to buy from each grower. Typically to get a wide range of produce they will order from multiple growers.

In the morning before the run all the growers will harvest the produce for all their customers and when the boxer arrives at the farm will load each order into all the customers boxes.

The boxer then drives back to the home are and delivers each box to every buyers home, or a local food hub or a Gbiota restaurant (and picks up the second box ready for the next run).

The boxing system is a key part of the Gbiota system.

It means that the plants are delivered while the beneficial biology in the plants is still active and before the bad bugs have a chance to take over.

It is very cost effective substantially lower in cost than the conventional system.

And above all it avoids waste, plants are only harvested when they have been sold which avoids the chronic waste in the conventional food system.

Food hubs

Some people may prefer to collect their box from a local food hub, which could be a store, a restaurant, or local market.

The boxer may offer a lower price for delivering to a food hub.

Restaurants and cafes

Modern food high in sugars and fat do taste good but are highly addictive. The alternative of just eating bland fruit and vegetables is not attractive to many people even though they know they should be eating higher quality food.

However a skilled chef can use herbs and spices and blend food together to make the meal just as attractive.

If someone has been eating a high sugar and fat diet their gut biology will be dominated with sugar and fat loving bugs which will send out signals saying eat more of the sugary fatty foods creating food cravings.

After changing the diet these bad bugs will die out as they are out competed by the good bugs and the food cravings will disappear. But this transition can be a rugged process. A restaurant owner can offer group tables where groups of people can provide mutual support.

Restaurants can also offer take away services.

Some people with culinary skills may be willing to provide a home cooking service.

Interested, why not join the Gbiota club.


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