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Gbiota – a social movement for better food

When you join the Gbiota club you join a community of growers, transporters, restaurateurs, health advisers and consumers focused on food that enhances our gut and brain health.

Our guts and brain form an intelligent control system which regulates our appetite and how much and where we store fat in our bodies. It is an important tool in combating the fat in the wrong places health epidemic of diabetes, obesity and dementia.

Fifty years ago the major health issue was infectious diseases now it is chronic diseases, specifically the fat in the wrong places diseases of diabetes, obesity and dementia.

So what is the root cause of these chronic diseases? It goes straight to our gut and head brains which act as an intelligent control system to regulate how much and what we eat and where and how much fat we store in our bodies.

Our gut brain is made up of trillions of cells which communicate with each other to form an intelligent system – our gut brain.

These cells originate in the soil, health starts in the soil. They travels into our bodies by a variety of paths, from the plants we eat, the animals that eat the plants and from direct contact from other creatures particularly our mums.

 To find out why our health and the health of future generations is so dependant on our gut and head brains go to why-the-gbiota-club

Membership is free but there are certain expectations of members.

Growers are expected to create a page on our web site showcasing how they grow their produce, coupled with any information on fertilisers and chemicals they use.

They are free to select their growing methods, particularly the highly effective Gbiota beds but they are expected to disclose how they grow.

It is important that the plants are biologically active so orders are usually placed while the plants are still growing.

Transporters are expected to pick up the produce and deliver within hours of harvesting and organising collective pick up and delivery to minimise costs.

Restaurateurs are expected to cook the food avoiding added sugars but improving taste by the use of beneficial herbs.

They can also provide a service by having group tables where people changing from a high sugar and fat diet to a high nutrient diet and herb focused diet can provide mutal support during the change.

They can also provide home delivery services.

Consumers are expected to appreciate that regenerative growers are providing a social service by improving the quality of the soil, recycling organic waste and absorbing carbon into the soil and as such are entitled to earn a reasonable living from their work.

All members of the club are encouraged to communicate freely with each other and create their own home page on the web.

As the club is much more effective with more people in the club within a locality all members are expected to promote the club to new members.

The club aims to cover its operating cost by a 5% charge on sales which is automatically deducted on the web.

Next read why the Gbiota club explains how joining the Gbiota clubs gives you access to food that will lead to a healthy gut and brain.


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