Health starts in the soil

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Our gut is a powerful organ that, when linked with the brain, forms our body’s control system.

When fuelled properly, this dynamic duo regulates appetite and where body fat is stored.

Why change the way we think about food?

Good gut health requires a delicate balance of the trillions of cells within it – and those cells come from the food we eat. Unfortunately, our food no longer carries the same nutrients it once did. The quantity of vitamins and minerals in the soil are depleted from continual re-farming, impacting the nutrient content of our food and therefore our bodies.

So even when we eat a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, we aren’t feeding our gut and our health the way we should be.

So how can we change that? And what is ‘Gbiota’? Watch the video here


Gbiota – The new ‘organic’

‘Gbiota’ is a modernised traditional agricultural process of growing & picking fresh, organic food that retains the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimum gut and overall health.

Ok, so how can we get it, or become part of it?

The Gbiota food system works in pretty much the same way that a traditional village works except that, because there may be more peopled involved over much larger distances, the system is modernised using the power of the internet. This allows people to grow, buy and distribute Gbiota food, creating great opportunities for individuals and for businesses wanting to supply this new ‘superfood’. This network of people is called ‘The Gbiota Club’ and is a way for like-minded individuals to work together as a buying group (village), ensuring the future sustainability and affordability of growing and purchasing Gbiota foods.


Become a Gbiota ‘Biofoodie’ to help introduce others to the benefits of Gbiota foods and further develop business opportunities with cafes and restaurants to sell product.

“When we feed the soil, we feed our food, our gut and our health like never before.”

The Latest Gbiota Information

The Information Age

The Information Age

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Gbiota a social movement

Gbiota a social movement

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The Gbiota system

The Gbiota system

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